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We are a professional organization committed to bringing you educational tools that exceed your expectations through deliberate learning content. We put our heart into our work, and our love of the pets and the art of grooming drives us to take pride in every video we bring to you. Every pet stylist, trainer, and judge featured on this website was purposeful in their participation in this educational effort, knowing that the most dedicated of groomers and stylists will now have access to  information that will  facilitate their learning, and ultimately grow the pet grooming community worldwide.

Our Founder, Melissa Verplank, has over 30 years of experience in the pet industry. Her mastery of grooming techniques has won her numerous awards on a national and  international level.  She has run multiple businesses, including a fleet of mobile units, a salon that grew into the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, a luxury boarding facility called Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa, and White Dog Enterprises -  which created the award winning books, Notes From the Grooming Table and Theory of Five.  She was a member and Team Coordinator of GroomTeam USA,  and sat on the Board of Directors of that organization. Ms. Verplank is an industry speaker, author, contest grooming judge and two-time Cardinal Crystal Achievement winner.

Learn2GroomDogs.com started as an idea to expand the training horizons of the highly respected Paragon School of Pet Grooming. We have dedicated our training efforts to reach as many pet lovers as possible, helping more groomers and stylists achieve their dreams. The successful creation of this site is the culmination of many months of effort. Our focus is specific, unedited training videos to be watched via the web. During our journey, we will listen to you – your wants and desires – in order to identify  topics to be covered in upcoming videos.

With our progressive attitude in the pet grooming field, as well as our partnership  with highly experienced trainers, we have the edge in knowing who has the ability to share the best educational  information with you. Our Training Partners are simply the finest the industry has to offer – allowing you to be confident you are getting absolutely the best, up-to-date information on grooming styles, techniques and business information.  

Learn2GroomDogs.com aims to educate on all of these levels – from beginner to advanced - and more! Our goal is to further the learning of the serious pet grooming enthusiast.

We are growing and evolving. That evolution is not possible without you. Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged!  Please email us at customerservice@learn2groomdogs.com.   


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