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Correcting a Competition Standard Poodle Lamb Trim from the Ring

The competition ring was full at the All-American Grooming Show in Chicago. The Poodle Class was in full swing. At the center of the ring, there was a white standard poodle. It simply took Pina's breath away. When they called scissors down,  this dog was just out of the placements. Pina told the competitor that she would love to help her bring out the best features of this dog so that next time she would be in ribbons. Little did Pina know, the competitor was an employee of the founder of, Melissa Verplank. Melissa had just spoken to Pina about becoming a Training Partner only a few hours earlier. They quickly talked to Jerry Schinberg, the host of the All-American Grooming Show, about finding an unused lecture hall to film this critique so all of you could benefit from the lesson Pina was about to give. This is an amazing lesson you don't want to miss if you're thinking about certifying or competing with poodles! Special thanks go out to Jerry Schinberg for making this session possible.

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