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Double Feature! Grooming the Bichon in a Show Style Part #1: Setting the Pattern, Body, Legs, and Feet

This is the video you have all been waiting for! You've seen Lindsey Dicken win multiple Best in Show awards with this dog. In this lesson, she shows you how to groom a Bichon Frise in a show style trim. Zoey is the gorgeous Bichon Lindsey has been competing with for over five years. Lindsay shows you how to groom this breed to breed profile. She uses a variety of shears to sculpt the coat - there is no cheating anything off the guard combs in this demonstration. As she hand scissors the coat, Lindsay talks about the importance of coat preparation, conformation trimming, and lots of tips for how to get the correct look. Even though this is a complicated trim, Lindsay's directions are simple and easy to follow. This lesson is so packed with useful information, we have broken it into a double feature. 

In this section, Lindsay discusses how to set the pattern including: how to outline the dog, cut in the angulation on the front and rear assembly, round the feet, and shape the legs to accentuate the proper confirmation and movement of the breed.

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