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Fabulous Finishing Touches for Your Everyday Pet Clients

Angela is a master at creative pet styling. To her, creative styling can be anything from simple 'bling' to elaborate patterns and color on a dog or cat.


In this session, Angela shows you how to add simple, fun, and inexpensive creative ideas to your everyday pets. She shows you how to make super simple collars to match any occasion. What about adding rhinestone bling on short coated dogs? She also demonstrates how easy it is to add a splash of color to a coat with children's blow pens. ...And what about inserting a feather extension? Who knew it was so simple? This lesson is full of creative ways to add pizazz to your everyday salon clients.


Throughout the demonstration, she discusses how to apply these simple accoutrements with ease. Plus, she shares her secrets on how to 'sell it' to the customer. Once a client tries these zingy accents, many are hooked on it. What a fabulous way to add a little more revenue to your salon! It's an enjoyable - and fun - upsell to your clients.

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