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Greatest Hits Round Heads Only Version 2

In this video lesson, three top stylists lead you through three different round head styles. Annette Quick works on a Portuguese Water Dog. Even though she's showing you how to trim the head to breed profile on a PWD, think about how many other dogs this head style would well on! Lhasas, Shih Tzues, Doodles plus an entire range of mixed breeds. Next, Misty Fowler trims an adorable black and tan mixed breed (whose pet parents want the eye lashes saved.) She'll share tips on how to work around those eyelashes without accidently trimming them. Suesan Watson works on a pet Westie she's never trimmed before. She guides you through styling the head of a Westie. She's working with less that the ideal amount of coat. She'll help you see what you can do and what you need to do so the next haircut will be more in line with what the head should look like.   

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