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Grooming a Black & White Doodle/Poodle

How many of you have owners who say, 'Cut it down but leave it fluffy?" That's just what Sue was faced with on this Doodle type dog. Making the situation even more challenging, this was a very large dog with a soft curly coat. Once she got her hands on the coat, Sue realized the real problem - this dog was extremely mattted! In this lesson, Sue shows you how to deal with a matted coat yet still leave the dog "fluffy." The client wanted a Portuguese Water Dog type style. She couldn't totally comply with the owners wishes. However, she was extremely creative with her styling techniques. Sue uses a variety of metal snap on combs to trim this dog - and - work thorough some left over knots. She finishes this pet with scissors to smooth out the trim and camouflage some of his minor structural faults. As a bonus, Sue shows you how to work with a feisty dog that does not appreciate the de-matting process. She also gives you great tips on how to educate the owner to avoid this condition in the future.

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