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Grooming a Doodle as an Irish Water Spaniel

One of the fun things to do with Doodles or many mixed breed dogs, is to turn them into another breed all together! That's just what we did with this third generation chocolate colored Doodle. In this lesson, Sue turns this charming young dog into an Irish Water Spaniel. Even though he is a Doodle, she walks you through the breed profile of the IWS as she sets the haircut. By the time she removes that abundant coat, it's amazing to see the transformation of the stylish dog. Sue uses primarily metal snap-on-combs and scissors to get the look. The head style on an IWS is unique. Sue walks you through it step-by-step. She shows you a few key spots to leave hair and why. Then she shows you a distinctive spot where the hair is removed and why. When Sue completes the trim, this dog is ready to set out for the competition grooming ring or for a walk through the neighborhood where he will be sure to turn heads.

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