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Grooming a Drop-Coated Mixed Breed in a Hand-Scissored Layer Trim - Part 1

You either love this coat or hate it. Lots of breeds have this coat texture - the drop-coat. How many of you have owners that want their pet styled a bit longer than even the longest guard comb can leave it? Lindsey shows you a fun and easy way to go 'freestyle.' She uses a great technique to freehand scissor this super cute little Lhasa mix. To get the soft, cuddly look, she uses mostly thinning shears and blenders. Lindsey shares tricks to get a beautiful, plush finish in no time. She talks you through the entire trim including how to use reference points as you work so you get a consistent look every time.  

Part 1:
Trimming the Body and Legs

In this section, Lindsey shows you how to establish the length of the trim by starting with a single cut. Once the length is established, then she works methodically around the dog in sections. As she works, she talks about common faults typically found in this type of dog and what you can do to help disguise them

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