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Grooming an American Cocker for the Show Ring or Contest Ring

As Pina says, the prep is the most important part of this groom. You've seen how to get a full coated Cocker squeaky clean, how to blow out a coat, how to get the jacket to lie tight to the skin, and how you can flat iron the furnishings to get them straight and shiny. Now watch as Pina pulls this entire trim together for a show stunning look. She shows you how to style the head. You'll know how to get those classic 'mushy' lips on a Cocker. Pina shows how to card the coat and set the pattern. She teaches you the techniques to set those beautiful bevels that seem to make the dog float across the floor. If you want to see how to prepare and style a show trim on an American Cocker - this is not a video to miss!

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