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Grooming the Bedlington Terrier Part 2

Most professional pet stylists will agree: the Bedlington Terrier is one of the most challenging breeds to groom correctly. British-born star stylist, Colin Taylor, built much of his reputation on mastering this breed in the contest arena. In this session, Colin walks you through the steps of grooming the Bedlington Terrier to breed profile. He even guides you through the differences between English and American styles. When done properly, the bulk of the work with this particular breed consists of short clipper work combined with skillful hand scissoring. This lesson is so packed with useful information, we had to split video into two lessons. Grab your notebook and join Colin as he shows you how to groom the Bedlington Terrier. 

The Bedlington Terrier Part 2

This session deals primarily with styling the unique head of the Bedlington Terrier including setting parallel lines, elongating the head, trimming the eyes, and styling the ears.

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