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Grooming the Bichon Mix in a Modified Bichon Trim - Part 2

This is a highly stylized trim that's appealing and easy to achieve. Lindsey shows you step-by-step how to set this modified Bichon pattern with a clipper.  The longer snap-on comb leaves a plush finish that can easily be blended into a fuller leg.  As Lindsey works over the dog, she gives you great hints for how to bring out the best features of the Bichon while hiding faults.  She discusses how to establish reference points aiding in setting the pattern consistently every time.  The short ear style is a stand-out feature on this dog. It's cute. It's appealing. Amazingly, the short ear style was developed to ward off a health issues on this dog! Find out how and why Lindsey created this custom trim for this client.


This lesson is packed so full of great information, that we have broken it into a double feature.  PLUS!  We've broken those lesson into small, bite-sized chunks.  The entire lesson runs just over an hour, but if you don't have an hour to spare in one sitting, you can watch it chunk-by-chunk.

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