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Grooming the Doodle in a Highly Stylized Trim Part 1

Doodles seem to be every where. They come is a wide variety of sizes, coat types, and colors. There is no breed standard so we get to make up the trim as we go along. In this session, Courtney Ramstack leads you through a highly stylized trim on a large Doodle. The trim is stylish, yet easy for the owner to maintain at home. The haircut is fun, bringing out the best features of the dog. Courtney takes you through the trim, step-by-step. As she trims Opal, She shares with you tips like; "feel the dog - get your hands in there", "use your clipper like a paint brush," and "use vantage points."    

Grooming the Doodle in a Highly Stylized Trim: Double Feature - Part #1

In this session, Courtney sets the outline of the dog. She uses a combination of clippers, guard combs, scissors and blending shears to mold and shape the coat.

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