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Grooming the English Cocker

Judy's no-nonsense style is absolutely captivating and fun. She'll show you how to work with carding tools, rakes, knives, clippers and blending shears to get a very natural look on this retired show dog.

In this video lesson, Judy shows you how to trim this breed in a show style trim. She explains how - and why - it's important to remove the dead coat. In order to have healthy skin and coat, this type of dog requires at least some degree of carding to clear the hair follicles.


Judy has years of experience under her belt along with plenty of awards. She combines breed standards with practical grooming tips to accentuate the best features of any dog. She always strives for a natural look with this type of sporting dog -- the look hand stripping gives you. As Judy says, "There are very few absolutes in grooming." In this presentation, she presents plenty of options to groom an English Cocker that are correct, practical, and safe.

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