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Grooming the Pet Scottie - Part 1

Grooming a Scottish Terrier is like putting together a puzzle. Every little hair on this breed has a place. Many groomers find this breed exceptionally challenging to do. Join Kendra Otto as she works through this overgrown pet. She opts for more natural look using a longer guard comb to set clipper work on the body. The entire video is full of great tips and shortcuts to help you achieve the correct look for the breed including clipper cutting, raking, carding, thinning, and light scissor trimming.

Section A: In the first section, Kendra shows you how to roughly set the pattern. She uses a variety of blade lengths on the body, neck, throat, cheeks, top of the head, and ears.


Section B:  In this section, Kendra talks about the muscularity of this breed and shows you how to set off this trait. Next she moves into styling the legs and tail. Lastly, Kendra shows you where to set the tuck-up and how much space to leave under the dog's skirt. 

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