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Grooming the Poodle in a Pet Continental Trim - Session 2

Grooming the Poodle in a Pet Continental Trim – Double Feature

Sessions 1 and 2

Misty Fowler, CMG  

Misty Fowler takes you on a creative journey as she sets a fresh, modified Continental Trim on a cream Standard Poodle.  In this fun haircut, she shows you how you shorten the jacket, minimize the tied up top knot and use a longer blade over the areas that are traditionally extremely short, making this trim adaptable for any pet, even ones in cooler climates, immersed in the depths of bitter winters.   

This lesson is broken into a 'double feature.'


Session #2: deals with styling the head including tying up the topknot, blending the neck into the body, trimming the tail, as well as the final detail work

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