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Home Remedies for the Home or Shop Groomer

Both of these award-winning stylists have been involved with grooming dogs since they could walk.  Their mother and grandmother were professional pet groomers, breeders of a wide y of dogs, and spent most of their extra time at dog shows.  These sisters learned early on what products were available -- right from their own cabinets -- to make the grooming process easier and more efficient.  As time has gone on, many of these home-type remedies have been replaced with commercial products. There are times when a situation crops up for which you just don't have the right commercial product at your fingertips.  You may even have a pet owner at home who is facing a dilemma that needs immediate attention. In this session, Suesan and Lisa bounce ideas and suggestions of things you can use to help solve the grooming problem.  And the best part -- most of us have the ingredients right in our home cabinets!

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