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Interview with Pina

Irina (Pina) Pinkusevich has made it to the very top in the pet grooming world. How she got there is fascinating. Pina emigrated with her family from the Soviet Union when she was 19 years old. She had her fair share of challenges adjusting to life in the USA. One of her largest hurdles was mastering the English language. Next, it was earning spending money while she was on scholarship to the university. While she was working at a small salon, the owner got violently ill and could not work. Pina went from bather to groomer with no formal training -- just a full roster of dogs to room. At one stage she found herself as a single parent. Her immediate family had moved from New York to Florida. She had no one to help her and infant son. In this interview, Pina shares with our members what led her into dog grooming. She tells you firsthand how she learned and what keeps her motivated today. This is a great life story about overcoming obstacles, doing what you love, avoiding occupational burnout and remaining passionate about your career options.

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