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Learn How to Groom the Italian Truffle Dog: Lagotto Romagnolo (pet version)

When Kendra first suggested she show our members how to groom one of these breeds - we honestly had no idea what kind of dog she was talking about. What was a Lagotto? This is a 'rustic coated breed' that is supposed to look 'messy.' In this grooming lesson, Kendra shows you how to get the correct look for the breed. Much of the work is done in the coat preparation (see the video Maintaining a Rustic Coat by Kendra Otto) If a coat is correctly cared for - this trim is a snap. Kendra uses a snap-on-comb to set the length of the coat. Then tidies up the outline of the dog with a variety of thinning and blending shears. The end result is a thorough groom that still looks 'messy' as the breed standard requires.

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