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Pet Schnauzer in a Very Natural Looking Trim Part 2

Most pet stylists are quick to grab a short blade to set the pattern on a pet Miniature Schnauzer. Have you ever tried a longer blade? It can look marvelous!


In this lesson, Kendra Otto shows you how to correctly trim a pet Schnauzer in a more natural looking style. The trim Kendra puts on this pet mimics the look of hand stripping. Hand stripping is the "correct" way to trim a Schnauzer for the AKC conformation ring, yet is rarely done in the pet world. Kendra scissors the legs using curved shears and big "chunker" blenders or thinning shears.


Throughout the video, she talks about breed standard trimming guidelines. This pet is a nervous dog. Kendra shares great handling tips that helps make the grooming process more comfortable for a tense dog

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