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Prep Work on a Poodle - Face, Feet, Tail, Ears, and Nails

In this lesson, seasoned professional stylist Judy Hudson walks you through the basics with this young Standard Poodle. As Judy says, "The clipper work is the foundation of all good grooming!"


She shows you how to get that perfectly clean face, feet, and tail, quickly and safely. The camera angles with this session are right up close and personal. If you've ever been in a demonstration and couldn't quite see, you won't have that problem with this video lesson. It's just like you're standing right next to Judy watching every single move.


As a bonus, Judy also talks about cleaning and plucking the ears. Plus, she discusses products and tips that work for her to keep the ear healthy. Finally, she talks about trimming nails and grinding them for smoothness.


This video lesson is full of good sound basic information. If you are new groomer just starting out, this is the video not to miss. If you are a groomer who is struggling to get perfectly clean clipper work (especially around those pesky toes), Judy's insight will be immensely helpful.

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