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Preparing a Full Coated Cocker for the Show Ring or Contest Arena: Part 1 - Bathing

You've seen those dogs. The gorgeous American Cockers with coats that literally float across the floor as they gait. The coat is lush, thick, and shiny, moving in a fluid motion with every step the dog takes. None of your American Cocker Spaniels look like that. All the pets that you typically work on have dull and broken coats. Most pet owners would never dream of keeping a dog in a full show coat. So, how do the professionals do it? In this session, Pina shows you how to properly bathe an American Cocker in full show coat. You'll learn how often to use a variety of products to maintain that beautiful long plush coat the American Cocker is known for. This video is excellent for anyone looking to maintain a long luxurious coat for either the AKC conformation ring or for pet grooming competitions.

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