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Speed & Efficiency: How to Groom a Daisy Dog In Less Than 45 Minutes from Start to Finish

Don't think you can get a little matted dog done in less than 45 minutes? Think again! Suesan Watson creates this adorable Personality trim in just that. We're talkin' rough cut, bath, blow dry, and finish! To prove to you it CAN BE DONE, we shot this in real time. You'll see the clock counting down the time in the corner of the screen once she sets to work. Talking slows any stylist down so we asked Sue not to talk during this lesson. Instead we've added sub-titles as she works over the dog. The silence allows her to fully concentrate on the task at hand. She is working safely. She is working efficiently. And she is working to get a quality result. We think she hit the mark with this little dog. Check it out and see what you think! As you watch, notice the focus and her body positioning as she grooms this little daisy dog.

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