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Odor Handler by Coat Handler:

This is what I would consider a ‘miracle’ product! I use Odor Handler in every way the company talks about, and then some! It truly does knock down all organic odors! Skunk, fish, manure, urine, smoke, mildew – if it smells nasty, Odor Handler can normally fix it!

True story: A few years back my old Bernese Mountain Dog has a terrible case of diarrhea in the car. It was everywhere in the back of my SUV! Luckily I was at work when this happened, so I grabbed a bucket of hot water, sprinkled a health dose of Odor Handler in the water along with a squirt of 15/1 Coat Handler Shampoo, and grabbed an armful of towels and a scrub brush. A half-hour later the car, was clean. My commute home was over 30 minutes, and we did it the entire way with the windows closed with NO nasty diarrhea odor at all!  (Dora got a quick bath on the rear end with Odor Handler, while I worked on the car). 

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