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Styling the Head of a Brussels Griffon & How to Chalk the Coat

When was the last time you had the opportunity to groom a Brussels Griffon? For most stylists, this isn't a breed we see very often. Like most Toy breeds, it's a head breed. Get the head correct and you've mastered most of the groom. In this lesson, awarding winning stylist, Amy Triezenberg shows you how to hand strip the head of her own little Brussels. She also gives you options if you have a pet owner who requests their pet be clipper cut instead. As Amy says, "this breed is supposed to have a 'human like expression.'" She'll show you step-by-step how to get that correct look.


Chalking a coat can give the illusion of a richer color coat - the illusion of more fur. The illusion of more bone. This is not a procedure you would do for pet clients. It's a method used in the show ring and the contest area to bring out the best in the dog for the judges. In the second part of the lesson, Amy shares how to correctly chalk a harsh coated hand stripped coat. She tells you tips and trick on how to apply the chalk - and how NOT to get it all over you or the judge!

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