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Trimming a Light Coated Yorkie in a Hand Scissored Layer Trim, Part 2

As Pina said earlier in Part I, many groomers find drop coated dogs the most difficult to groom. In this lesson, she shows you a trim style that is fast, easy, and forgiving on a light coated dog. For this demonstration, Pina uses a Yorkie, however, this trim works well on other drop coated breeds such as Malteses, Shih Tzus, and mixed breeds. The entire trim is done using only two shears: a tiny pair of blunt nosed scissors and a pair of high quality blenders. The crowning glory of this haircut is the head. Pina guides you through, step-by-step, so you can easily duplicate the look in your shop.


This video is filmed as if you are in a private lesson right next to Pina. We have taken the camera off the tri-pod, moving around Pina as she grooms the dog. By filming in this style, you get the best views, just as if you were right there getting a personal lesson from one of the top stylists in the country! 

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