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Turning a Poodle into a Kerry Blue Terrier Step-by-Step From the Breed Standard

Awarding winning pet stylist, Irina ‘Pina’ Pinkusevich NCMG , is just off camera as she begins this preview reading from the AKC Complete Dog Book. She is reading a passage from the Kerry Blue Terrier Standard. Once she reads the text, she steps back into full camera view as she explains what she has read. (Please don’t be offended. She is just very strong in her explanation of a particular term!) Once she has explained the look she is going for; she starts to shape the tail and the rump. As she trims, she explains what she is doing using terms from the breed standard and how it applies to the actual dog.  The full lesson will be available for viewing to L2GD members on 2/8/13. Becoming a member is easy! Simply go the and click on ‘Become a Member.’

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