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Tying Up a Top Knot on a Poodle Show Trim

Pina has a passion for Poodles. Watch as she shows you how to create a trim that accentuates the proper structure of the breed. Pina breaks down challenging subject matter into easy-to-understand steps. This video is packed with great grooming tips that can be used whether you are working on a show dog or a simple stylized pet in your salon. Pina uses a combination of straight and curved shears as well as long blenders to get a velvet finish. When she finishes the top knot, she shows off some great show ring secrets to get the perfect, 'natural' look. Pina is comfortable teaching high-level styling techniques yet she does it in a way that anyone can understand. Whether you're looking to hone your skills for show ring styling, or just starting out, this video lesson we'll set you up to succeed.

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