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What Do You Do With a Sparse Coated Wire Doodle?

Do you have Doodles in your client file that just don't have the traditional soft, wavy coat? In this session, Jennifer Hecker shows you how to work with the dog that has a very sparse, wiry coat. He has an abundance of long, harsh coat over his spine making him look a bit like a hunchback. Yet, he is  sparsely coated on his legs. Jennifer shows you how to make this dog look fabulous with some very basic hand stripping techniques. She gives him loads of personality by playing up his tiny eyebrows, accentuating his beard and giving him tassel ears. By the time he is done, he is a much more balanced dog. The finished look is much more pleasing to the eye. This is a super easy trim to do, even if you are a novice at hand stripping!        

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