…And Then Some

October 1st, 2013 by ificore

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I’m always looking for ways to stay motivated. I love the little books put out by Simple Truths. My latest one I just finished was called Charging the Human Battery by Mac Anderson.

There is one section that really got me thinking. I’d like to share it with you.
Committing to excellence is not an act, it’s an attitude. It’s an attitude that is captured in the short thought titled:

And then some…

These three little words are the secret to success.

They are the difference between average people and top people in most companies.

The top people always do what is expected… and then some.

They are thoughtful of others; they are considerate and kind… and then some.

They meet the responsibilities fairly and squarely… and then some.

They are good friends and helpful neighbors… and then some.

They can be counted on in an emergency… and then some.

I am thankful for people like this, for they make the world a better place. Their spirit of service is summed up in three little words… and then some.

As I reflect on the thoughts in this passage, I started thinking how it applied in life and in business. I can’t think of a single successful business that does not apply this principle. I can’t think of a person I enjoy being with that does not apply this concept to how they treat others. Career movers know how to apply this technique as they move ahead in their profession.

Think about the times that you’ve had excellent service. Has not the company or the service provider done exactly what is outlined above?

We’ve just come off a pretty major road trip. We’ve eaten in a lot of restaurants. We had the full range of service from the waiters — from those that could barely get our food to the table to those that practiced those three little words… and then some. What a difference our evenings were based on what type of service we were given at the restaurant. One of the restaurants we even went back to the next night as the food was so good and the service was excellent.

Stop and think about how you can apply this to your own life. Do you muddle along doing just enough to get by? Or do you live by the words above? I can almost guarantee every successful person, whether it is on a personal or a professional level, lives by the credo of… and then some.

  •  In the grooming salon, are you getting your dogs done on time or even a little ahead of time?
  • Are you working in a manner that regularly earns you generous ‘tips’ from your customers?
  •  What do you do for your clients that goes above and beyond just grooming their dogs?
  • What are you doing for your fellow team members that makes you a winning player?
  • What are you doing for your team supervisor that minimizes the amount of effort they have to put into you as an employee?
  • If you are a boss, what are you doing for your employees to make the workplace enjoyable?

How do you apply the attitude of …and then some, to YOUR life? These questions can go on and on. Step back and think about it. I know I am.

You can apply this phrase in every aspect of your life. My bet is once you start to apply it on a regular basis — the rewards will come back to you tenfold. It’s a commitment to excellence. It’s not an act, it’s an attitude. It’s an attitude that will bring joy to others as well as wonderful harmony to you.

Happy Trimming!