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Come Together

This resource is built with our Groomer Community in mind. In challenging times, Groomers get stronger. Please enjoy the FREE resources we have assembled for you below. Scroll Down to see…

Come Together Series – Help for Groomers During Covid-19

In this series, founder Melissa Verplank and VP Joe Zuccarello discuss ways to use your time during COVID-19 to prepare for a strong return.

Come Together Series – Human Resource Tips for Grooming Salons

Melissa and Joe interview their Human Resources Manager, Rene Davis, for some valuable insight on how to help Groomers and their team handle the stress and emotional toll of crisis.

Grooming Skills Videos


Motivation: Great Leaders Build Great Teams


Foundation Fundamental: Brushing Series – A Great Start Equals a Great End


Foundation Fundamentals: De-Matting Series – When the Clients Come Back, The Dogs May Need Extra Help


Foundation Fundamentals: Bath & Brush – Get Ready for the Non-Trim Breeds This Spring!


Foundation Fundamentals: Basic Grooming – Use These Tips To Increase Your Speed!


Interviews with Experts


Salon Tours Across the United States


How to Use Notes From the Grooming Table

Do you own “Notes from the Grooming Table – 2nd Edition”? This book will help you build your grooming career, boost your communication levels with your peers and clients, while expanding your career growth! You can purchase a copy HERE.

Step-by-Step Bow Making

Timeless, self-made pet decorations – a great way to spend your extra time now to prepare for the return of your clients! We love our friends at Bardel Bows if you want to purchase some spectacular pre-made pet decorations, but if you would like to make some of your own creations, here are some great ideas!

Helpful Links – And More!


CDC and Pets:
Press Briefings:
Pet Services Business Guidance:

Great Articles from Melissa Verplank


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Sharable Pet Owner At Home Grooming Tips


FREE Pet Owner Videos – At Home Tips for Grooming Maintenance

Workshops and Other Education

See the latest workshops and video lesson series available for purchase.


Inspirational Videos!


Simon Sinek – Change Your Future


Eric Thomas – Want to Succeed as Bad as You Want to Breathe

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