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Danelle German

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What are the two proudest moments in your career?

Winning 3rd Best Cat in Premiership 2004/2005.  Winning Best First Timer and All-Around 1st Place in the in-ring grooming creative competition in Knoxville TN in 2010 (was the first time I ever competed in a dog grooming competition.  To beat the biggest creative comp names in the industry was loads of fun, especially since I'm not a dog groomer!  Also, have to add another proud moment - the release of the inaugural issue of Purrfect Pointers Magazine earlier this year.

Are you formally trained, apprenticed, or self-taught?

Self-taught, although competing with Persians taught me a great deal.

What is your favorite breed of dog to groom?


What is your favorite breed of dog to live with?

Persian or Standard Poodle

What advice can you offer to aspiring pet professionals?

Strive for excellence in all that you do.

What do you love to do when you are not working?

Trail ride with my Paso Fino, Whit (aka Whit Wonder)!  Time with family.

What driving force keeps you going?

Mostly my Type A personality and competitive nature.  But also, when I'm really worn out or don't care all that much about my own aspirations, it's the people that have benefited from what we offer at the NCGIA that keep me going.  Hearing about someone elses huge moment of success inspires me to press on and keep fighting the fight.

What one thing really ticks you off?

Freeloaders that try to steal what I have worked so hard to create.

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