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Lori Craig

Lori has been grooming since 1996. She went to Academy of Professional Dog Grooming. During school she started working at Classic Pets & Grooming. In September of 1997 she opened Doggie Styles Grooming.

In 2004 she attended The Pet Pro Classic grooming conference in Dallas, Texas. She saw her first grooming competition. She was hooked! Lori went out and bought a standard poodle for competition. The next year she competed in Dallas entering three different groups including creative styling. Lori continues to compete several times a year focusing on creative styling.

She has had the privilege of teaching creative groomings skills to groomers across the country – and around the world. Her work has been seen on TLC’s show EXTREME POODLES, where she won first place. She has also been on the Today Show, Fox and Friends, TV Guide, AOL’s Popeater, and many other TV shows.

More About Lori

What are the two proudest moments in your career?

My proudest moment in my career would have been winning the cover of Groomer to Groomer with the Lion King.  My second proudest moment would be being given the Humanitarian Barkleigh Honor Award.

Are you formally trained, apprenticed, or self-taught?

Formally Trained

What is your favorite breed of dog to groom?

Standard Poodle

What is your favorite breed of dog to live with?

Standard Poodle

What advice can you offer to aspiring pet professionals?

Always realize there is more to learn, soak up every bit of information that you can. Everybody has their own style and that's ok - your career should be your passion,  make it your own. Stay away from negativity and embrace the positive.

What do you love to do when you are not working?

Spending time with my kiddos , helping aspiring creative groomers, and the Casino.

What driving force keeps you going?

Creativity and art.

What one thing really ticks you off?


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