• Certifications: CMG
  • Member of GroomTeam USA
    Traveling Team: 2005
  • Retired from the Ring in 2006

Suesan Watson

More About Suesan

What are the two proudest moments in your career?

MAKING the TRAVEL TEAM AND WINNING 3 groomer of the year awards. Groomer of the year at Westminster Dog Show from Wahl Clipper.

Are you formally trained, apprenticed, or self-taught?


What is your favorite breed of dog to groom?

Mixed breeds because of the open pallet for what you can do.

What advice can you offer to aspiring pet professionals?

Treat every animal like you would want your pet treated if you took your pet to someone to get groomed. Remember they are someone's kids!

What do you love to do when you are not working?

See movies and spend time with family.

What one thing really ticks you off?

Groomers who don't want to do the "bad" dogs.

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