• Certifications: ICMG, NCMG, CAH
  • Retired from the Ring in 1993

Teri DiMarino

More About Teri

What are the two proudest moments in your career?

Being hand selected for the first official GroomTeam in 1989 and being part of the team that successfully defeated a potentially devastating anti-groomer law in California.

Are you formally trained, apprenticed, or self-taught?


What is your favorite breed of dog to groom?

Anything well behaved :)

What is your favorite breed of dog to live with?

I've always had Dobermans & can't imagine life without one, although I am a recent convert to Standard Poodles. They are nothing but a Doberman in sheep's clothing.

What advice can you offer to aspiring pet professionals?

1) Mind your business and your business will mind itself. 2) Don't try so hard that your hurt yourself or your career. Relax into your work, do your best and good things will happen. 3) Diversify in your business AND your personal life. Keeping all your eggs in one basket can be devastating if the basket breaks.

What do you love to do when you are not working?

Relax with friends, travel, cook. You know... the "usual" things.

What driving force keeps you going?

I STILL love what I do.

What one thing really ticks you off?

Dishonest people.

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