L2GD Member Walkthrough by Jeanine Palmiteer

November 19th, 2019 by Ima Admin

Check out this video tour of the New Learn2GroomDogs.com by member Jeanine Palmiteer, owner of Grooms by Jeanine! She covers several new navigation features and helpful tips, all from the palm of her hand. Watch it below!

Jeanine: Hey guys, it’s Grooms by Jeanine and I want to take you on a quick walk through of the updated learntogroomdogs.com. So let’s go ahead and get started. I’m just going to do a quick screen recording for you.

All right, so as you can see we’re on the home page. I’m going to kind of scoot you over to the side a little bit, pop you up over there. All right, and let’s go to navigation and get started.

Now you can see there’s a few different things you can pick here, but I usually just go to browse all videos. But the browse by skill level is really good too, just depending on what kind of videos you’re looking for. But if you’re in the mood for a particular type of video, then you can just go to the video library. So let’s go ahead.

I usually go to like categories, but there is even like body part, coat type, breeds, experts. Let’s take a look at the experts. There’s Angela Cumpy, which you guys know is a favorite of mine. David Campanella. Let’s see, Joe Zigarello, we know, I love Joe Zigarello and his Hey Joe podcast. Let’s see. Lori Craig, Melissa Verplank. Yeah, so you can see there’s a lot. Judy Hudson, Joshua Morales, you know is a good friend of mine too. So yeah, there’s a bunch of different experts on there.

And let’s look at categories real quick. One that I’m really into you, as you guys know, I love Angela Cumpy, so obviously I love creative grooming. So they have 58 videos of creative styling, which is really awesome. They have a bunch of different business videos. Let’s see, grooming productivity and time management, pet handling, really anything you can think of. But let’s click on creative styling since we know it’s my favorite.

And you can see there’s basics, like how to tie a basic bow. So if you want to make your bows at home that’s on there. Doing color, sparkle, oh stencils. I know there’s air brushing, the bling, coat carving and nail wraps. I, you guys know I love the nail wraps. I have mine, they’re over there. But you know, this shows you how to put them on really easily. I really like this video. So anyway, there’s a bunch you can see here and let’s go back.

So when you want to go back, just uncheck the category that you’re in and then move on to the next one unless you want it to get more refined. If you leave it checked then it’ll get more refined, which is a really handy tool. But we’re just trying to be more broad. You want to uncheck it. So let’s go to business now, because it is another favorite category of mine. And if it loads, there we go. Okay. Attitudes are contagious. All of these with Joe are really good. He has quite a few on here so you can see here, and all of these are really, really good. Especially I really liked his marketing one. Definitely go check that one out.

There’s some really good interviews with Melissa Verplank on here. This financial records, who can help you keep them straight. That one’s really good, talking about having a good team behind the scenes to help you do all of the numbers and stuff like that. You know, having a strong team behind you makes things so much easier. So that’s a really, really good one. How to keep your team motivated, ideas on how to lead yourself, which would be good for somebody like me that’s started my own business.

So yeah, I mean you can see there’s a lot of really, really great videos on here. It’s really cool. I mean as you saw there were so many different experts. It’s cool that it does it by skill level. Here’s the skill levels here. So there’s advanced, beginner, core skills, and stylist. So that’s really helpful to everyone. Sometimes even when you get more advanced to go back to those core skills is really crucial because you know sometimes you start, you get in a rhythm of things and you start doing it the wrong way without even realizing it. So having these videos to go back and kind of check yourself on, really helps, you know, to keep yourself and like make sure you’re doing things right and you know, putting out the grooms that you want to be putting out.

So anyway, this is a really great website. If you haven’t checked out learntogroomdogs.com, definitely do that. And if you have checked them out, I hope this helps you understand their new website a little bit more. There is obviously a lot of really great things on here. Really anything you can think of, especially their beginner videos, I think are so, so crucial. If you’re a bather that’s wanting to be a full groomer, this would be a really good place to go. I mean, you can see there’s even so detailed as to how to attach on the guard combs, you know? So it’s really, really cool. Definitely check this website out, you guys. And yeah, I hope this video helped you guys out. I love you guys as always, and I will see you in the next one. Bye.