I had the privilege of meeting Melissa at Intergroom 2014. I had to tell her how much I appreciated this masterful work of art Learn2GroomDogs. I started grooming in the mid 90’s and I quickly found out that I simply could not learn enough or quick enough! I had to read grooming instructions in books and my translation to the dog did not fit the pictures of the breeds at all. Or else I had to wait months for hands on workshops and maybe I had a dog to bring – or maybe not. I was very discouraged and I truly felt that my grooming skills would never improve. But now – after all of these years – it happened. I turn on Learn2GroomDogs every day and there is a grooming class of any kind at my fingertips. Thank you Melissa. There are countless groomers out there just like me and I know that they feel the very same way.

– Jayne Gallagher

These videos are awesome! Get your learn on!

– Suesan Watson

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful service. I’ve learned so much. After 15,years of praying over my tuck ups ( all breeds) I am pleased to report that because of you I have seen the light and I now make beautiful tuck ups.

– Jocelyn Draper-Chislett

I love these videos and they have helped me tremendously.

-Tara Messer

Judy Hudson’s “difficult dog” video is the best I’ve ever watched!!!! Thank you so much.

– Kim Wychock

I love Learn2GroomDogs.com! I have learned so much! Thank you so much for this amazing dog grooming resource!

-Heather Graziano


I just love the videos, I’ve learned so much. Thanks!

– Erica Andersson


Melissa gathers the industry superstars for this series!

– Nani


Never ending learning!

– Amy Triezenberg


Awesome compilation of amazing material.

– Sharon Helgeson


Love it! Thank you for providing this!

– Lorelei Shelton


Love all the info, I’m excited to find a few videos on lagotto dogs. I have never heard of this breed but I have two coming in next week and I would be very nervous if it weren’t for you guys.

– Angela Elmer

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