New Release: Grooming the Lakeland Terrier

May 7th, 2020 by Ima Admin

In this video, Josh Morales demonstrates how to groom a handstripped Lakeland Terrier.

Handstripping Techniques for the Lakeland Terrier

Handstripping is one of the oldest grooming techniques. However, it’s not nearly as prevalent as it once was. Today, it can be confusing. Difficult to do correctly. And frustrating for both the pet and client who expect immediate perfection.

Joshua Morales is an enthusiastic Learn2GroomDogs viewer. He refined many of his grooming skills by watching countless videos from the library. Today, he’s proud to be an accomplished pet stylist, helping other achieve their grooming goals.

In this lesson, Josh demonstrates how to groom a handstripped Lakeland Terrier. This dog is routinely handstripped. He is accustomed to the process.

Throughout the entire lesson, Josh discusses the basic principles of the handstripping technique. He shows you what tools he likes to use and how to use them. He also talks about setting the classic long-legged terrier pattern. As he grooms, he shares plenty of great tips on how to make setting the pattern easy. He includes many visual illustrations to which make it easy to understand the look or shape he is going for. Plus, he shows you how to make mistakes in the coat disappear!

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