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Welcome to Learn2GroomDogs (and Cats) where we’ll teach you everything you need to know to become “top dog” in your market. We’re here to help you lead the pack with video tutorials that span best business practices to specific grooming techniques and tips for profiles, brought to you by a team of world-renowned experts who love their work.

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Navigating Learn2Groom Professional Videos

To navigate our video area, you may simply click on the Professional Videos tab, click Videos link in the header (next to Log Out), or use the Videos button in the sidebar. If videos are turning up as previews, click Log In in either the navigation, header, or sidebar.

Once on the Professional Videos page, you will see a visual catalog of our videos. There are a number of ways to find what you want.

  • To Search All Videos – Use the search bar in the Header at any time.
  • To View Categories – Select either Full Feature Categories, Mini Lesson Categories, or Free Samples from the Sidebar in the Professional Videos link list. This is also available in the main navigation.
  • To Show All Videos from a Category – Use the drop-down menu called Video Categories in the Sidebar. (These are arranged in a hierarchy – more on that in a moment!)
  • To Narrow Current Results by Filter – Use the drop-down menus called Filter by Expert or Filter by Breed to add conditions to your results. Example: If you are in the category Full Feature > Creative Styling and then add the Breed filter Poodle, the results will now only show Poodle videos in the Creative Styling subcategory of the Full Feature master category.
  • To Turn Off Filters – Any active filter will appear in the Sidebar in a section called Active Filters. Click on any of these to turn them off.
  • To Figure Out Where You Are – With our sheer volume of videos, it’s easy to get lost! The Title of the video results will tell you your current category, which may be a subcategory. To determine the hierarchy, check the Breadcrumb Navigation above the Title – just like Amazon.com!

In our Full Features Section – Visit these sections for Full Length features on core techniques, plus grooming and styling tutorials categorized by breed types. This is a great place to get started.

In our Mini Lessons Section (short clips that run between 3-15 Minutes) you’ll find all kinds of quick tips on Trimiing & Styling, Core Grooming Skills, Techniques and more. Visit this section for quick tutorials when you’re on the go, or for a specific quick tip.

Your Favorites – Whether you want to save a video for future viewing or simply add one for a future re-run, use our “Favorites” button to store a selected video in your watch-list. Note that you must be logged in to see your Favorites page, which will appear under the drop down of “Professional Videos.”

About Tags – Our system uses tags to help you quickly find other videos that contain content on similar topics. Just click on the tag and similarly tagged videos will appear.

About Filters – Our system uses filters to help you narrow results WITHIN a particular category. Use filters to narrow on tools and techniques for example, using “if – then” logic.

Using the Search Feature – Once you’re in the Professional Videos area, using the SEARCH feature will bring up all videos with that concept in the description. Outside of the Professional Video section, the Search Feature is intended for the public to find text references

Searching by Groomer Expert – To see a list of videos by Expert, use either filters, tags or visit the Experts page and look up your favorite pro. A complete list of videos they’ve participated in will be at the bottom of their bios.

Five Star Support

We’re committed to helping you succeed. That means five-star support. If you need assistance and can’t find answers in our FAQ section, PLEASE let us know so we can help you make the most of your membership!

If you have a support question not answered in our FAQ, please fill out our Support Form.


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