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Mr. & Mrs. Picky

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When it comes to managing and operating a pet service business, no one is more knowledgeable than Joe Zuccarello. His years of experience are evident in his solid advice. He is highly sought as an industry speaker.

Joe refers to this presentation as one of his “fan favorites.” It’s easy to understand why.

Many of us deal with picky clients. Do you find them easy to work with? Most of us don’t. In fact – many of us literally run the other way when we see this type of client on the books!

Joe works closely with’s founder, Melissa Verplank. He presented this talk privately to key team members within her family of pet service companies:

  • The Paragon School of Pet Grooming
  • White Dog Enterprises
  • Whiskers Resort and Pet SpaMelissa felt Mr. & Mrs. Picky was just too good not to share with our entire L2GD family. If you are on the front line dealing with customers, this is not a lecture you will want to miss! His advice comes directly from working with customers. His experiences and suggestions are realistic, and time tested. Our guess is you will laugh right along with the audience as Joe shares his experiences. It’s easy to relate closely to what he is saying.Our entire team walked away energized. Most were ready to tackle the most persnickety client immediately!

    In this lesson, you will learn:

  • why picky clients detract from your business.
  • the types of picky clients which is the most dangerous.
  • why the “golden rule” is not what you think in a service based industry.
  • what type of attitude best satisfies picky clients.
  • what a picky client can help you achieve.

Joe Zuccarello

Joe started in the pet industry as a 13-year-old bather/brusher in a small grooming shop.  After a few years, Joe sought employment at an exciting, growing, and progressive pet resort, which would be the start of a fantastic journey that has now spanned over 32 years.

As Vice President of one of the World’s most prestigious Pet Resorts for nearly 20 years, Joe was responsible for leading over 200 staff members and 15 Managers.  His direction of six facilities, which included Pet Resorts, Grooming Spas, Training Academies, Grooming Instruction Programs, lead to the establishment of a franchise model and a business that pet facility owners and managers from all over the World sought out for inspiration.

Later, Joe expanded his pet industry experience by immersing himself in the pet products side of the industry.  His first endeavor into the pet products and manufacturing categories was joining a highly regarded and innovative company called TropiClean that creates superior brands of shampoos, conditioners, stain and odor products, and pet dental solutions.  His various roles included National Sales Manager, Project Manager, Brand Leader, and Director of Innovation.  He helped define the company’s business landscape by increasing brand awareness through research, sales, as well as new product development and deployment.

Joe became a successful guest host on HSN (Home Shopping Network) representing pet grooming and dental products driving the pet category to unprecedented levels.

Joe has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and was a Professor and Senior Lecturer of Graduate and Undergraduate Business Administration courses at a private University in St. Louis.

Joe is a sought out International Speaker and Independent Consultant providing management, operations, and sales training services and assistance, tailored specifically for the Pet Industry.  Likewise, Joe is a writer for many pet industry publications both in print as well as online.

Over the course of his career, Joe has provided management and operations consulting services to entrepreneurs, new business start-ups, existing businesses, audiences at trade shows, and numerous telephone interviews and written articles.  Joe continues to offer his services to select businesses, business leaders, and special event venues.

In early 2018, Joe joined the team at Melissa Verplank Enterprises, home to multiple pet professional development solutions such as, Paragon School of Pet Grooming, White Dog Enterprises, and Whiskers Pet Resort and Spa as their new VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. His experience, education, and drive to help bring out the best in people and their businesses pushes the industry to new heights.


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