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Atlanta Pet Fair Bonus Session: Name That Spot – Knowing Your Anatomy

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Anatomy class is not just for veterinarians and biologists. It is the way we as pet professionals can communicate so we understand better when we see problems or to explain points of reference for a groom. Come learn from a veterinarian (made simple) how to use the anatomical terminology effectively to communicate.

Cliff Faver

Company: IV San Bernard, Managing Partner

Dr. Cliff Faver graduated with a BS in Biology and a BA in Chemistry before going on to get his Veterinary degree in 1987 from CSU. He is the founder/past owner of Animal Health Services (at one time 10 doctors, 4 groomers, 68 employees) in Cave Creek, Arizona. He is now the US distributor for Iv San Bernard (ISB) products and an international speaker on hair and skin. He uses his business experiences as a means of merging the grooming and veterinary professions to pursue his life’s passion of healing and helping horses and pets. Dr. Faver also teaches the ISB Pet Aesthetician Certification program. He is a member of AVMA, AAHA, AZVMA, and Board member for the Burbank Kennel Club. Previously served on the Novartis Lead Committee (with top dermatologists from USA), Hill’s International Global Veterinary Board, and was active in a Veterinary Management Group.

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