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Cheryl Purcell specializes in Kerry Blue Terriers. She had bred and shown them for years. In this lesson, she is working on a retired AKC Champion that was recently groomed for a grooming competition. This video is packed with valuable grooming knowledge only a highly experienced stylist would be able to share.

In Part 3: Cheryl moves to the rear of the dog. In this section she discusses trimming the tail, how to correct the topline, build ‘spring of rib’ and cut angulation into the rear legs.

In this video you will learn:

  • A styling trick to give the tail a little ‘extra’ flair.
  • How to set rear angulation so you can see it from multiple angles.
  • How to join the topline and the neck.
  • How to work with ‘diamonds’ while styling the body.
  • How to set in the waist on a Kerry Blue Terrier.
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Cheryl Purcell

Cheryl is known nationally and internationally as one of the industry’s top pet stylists.

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