Grooming a Pet Westie

FREE EXCERPT: Grooming a Pet Westie - 58 minutes

The West Highland White Terrier in this video is absolutely beautiful. Even though she’s older, she’s the perfect demonstration dog. Award-winning pet stylist, Courtney Ramstack shows you how to groom this breed. She has an amazing ability to explain, engage, and demonstrate what she is doing as she grooms this dog in a breed profile pet trim. She uses a longer clipper cut to emulate the look of a hand stripped coat. Courtney has a number of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to rounding the head. It’s entertaining to watch her get the proper look and expression from this gorgeous dog.

It is obvious Courtney is passionate about what she does with pets. If L2GD had a rating system for its video, this lesson would certainly have a 5 Paw rating! If you’re struggling on how to set the Westie pattern, how to shape the head or create a carrot tail, this video will bring clarity to what you’re doing. …And if you are in any position that involves teaching or mentoring, this video is a must!

In this video you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to feel the dog with your eyes closed.
  • The best blade options to simulate a hand stripped look.
  • How to set the body pattern.
  • How to shape a ‘carrot tail’.
  • How to create a fabulous round head on a Westie.
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Courtney Ramstack

Courtney Ramstack began her career in 1998. She started as a bather and dog trainer. In just two years, she was managing a grooming salon. In 2000, Courtney attended a corporate training program conducted by The Paragon School of Pet Grooming.

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