FREE EXCERPT: Grooming a Poodle as a Bedlington: Trimming the Tail, Ears and Setting the Body Pattern with Clippers (1 of 3-Part Series) - 20 minutes


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Part 1: Trimming the Tail, Ears & Setting the Body Pattern with Clippers
Are you one of those groomers who loves the Bedlington trim but have never had the opportunity to test your skills on one? Even if you don’t have this breed in your client files, you can still do the trim! Amy Triezenberg has become well known for this haircut.

She uses clippers, guard combs and scissoring techniques to groom this dog.

In the full lesson, she demonstrates how to do the haircut using a parti-colored standard Poodle. The end result is fun and stylish. As a bonus, due to the short nature of the trim, it’s very easy for an owner to maintain too!Amy shows you how to set the pattern, where to work with clippers, what blades to use and how to detail the trim with shears on the overall dog.

In this video you will learn:

  • What will make or break this trim.
  • Blade options to help set in the pattern.
  • Ear edging trick for a larger dog.
  • What needs to match to make this trim balance.
  • The difference between a terrier trim and a Poodle styling.
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Amy Triezenberg

Ever since Amy Triezenberg can remember, she has always love animals and wanted to work with them.

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