FREE EXCERPT: Grooming a Yorkie in a Personality Trim “Bella-Bottom Trim” (1 of 2-Part Series) → Part 2 of 2: Grooming a Yorkie in a Personality Trim "Bella-Bottom Trim": Ears, Jawline and Ponytail - 19 minutes

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Lindsey demonstrates how to trim her ‘Bella-Bottom’ trim. When we asked Lindsey how she came up with the name. She shrugged and said, ‘I named it after Bella,’ as she gave the little Yorkshire Terrier a pat as she stood on the grooming table. ‘She belongs to my vet, but she kept getting matted. This was the solution one day when she was exceptionally matted. The owners loved the haircut. We’ve been doing it ever since!’

This a great solution for any drop coated breed that matts easily; Yorkies, Malteses or ShihTzus. It’s an easy trim to do and grabs attention every because it’s so appealing. Lindsey, being a horse woman as well as an awarding winning pet stylist, says the feet remind her of a Clydesdale. Combine those fun furry feet with an adorable head style and you have a winning ticket. This trim is super stylish and easy to do, and that translates into easy money in your pocket!

In Part 2: Lindsey shows you step-by-step how to trim this delightful little head style with her little pricked ears and ponytail that sets off her charming expression.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to tip the ears.
  • How to shape the jawline.
  • How to make the shape of the ears to frame the face.
  • How to pull up the ponytail.
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Lindsey Dicken

Lindsey Dicken is a National Certified Master Groomer. She has been grooming for 8 years, and has been grooming competitively for 6. Prior to becoming a pet stylist, Lindsey was active in preparing and exhibiting saddle and draft horses.

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