Grooming the Golden Retriever

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Lisa Leady demonstrates how to get a show look on a pet Golden Retriever. When she starts grooming this dog, the coat is packed with undercoat. Goldens should be athletic and muscular with a soft, pleasing expression. When grooming them, you want to show off these traits. Having large amounts of undercoat does not achieve the physically fit appearance and the excessive undercoat ends up all over the owner’s home.

Lisa shows you how to work with carding tools to make even a couch potato look athletic. She strategically removes bulk to bring out the angles of this dog. She demonstrates how to trim the head with thinning shears to get the soft expression so typical of this breed. This may not be a show dog, but by the time Lisa gets done with her, she looks show ring ready.

In this video you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to work with long strokes when working with a carding tool
  • How to trim the hocks to show off bone and get the crescent shape.
  • How to trim the ears to pull the expression from the face
  • How long the furnishing should be on the legs
  • How to avoid making the dog look ‘low on leg’ and ‘dumpy’
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Lisa Leady

Lisa Leady is a third generation pet stylist with 35 years of experience.

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