Member Video: How to Create a Stylish Salon Trim with Ease on a Charming Mixed Breed (Part 4 of 4-Part Series: Trimming the Head) - 87 minutes

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For this lesson, Kathy Rose puts this little dog in a super cute haircut. It’s not only appealing, but easy for the owner to care for, too. Trims like this are what bring owners back again and again. They are the bread and butter of every successful salon.

This is a highly detailed lesson. It’s perfect for newer groomers who wants to add style and flair to their work.

Kathy works on the entire dog using typical pet grooming techniques. As she works, she explains everything in great detail – and she’s highly aware of the audience’s view. She shows you how to fix a few typical conformational faults using guard combs, scissors, and blenders. When she is finished, the problems are almost invisible – just what you what. We especially love the sections on the topline, the front legs, and how to trim that super charming head!

You’ve seen Kathy Rose’s work in Groomer to Groomer magazine. She writes a regular column called Bread & Butter Grooming. In this L2GD lesson, Kathy captures the essence of her column on video.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • how to give the illusion of a level topline.
  • how to hold shears correctly.
  • a trick to deal with extremely crooked legs.
  • how to open up the expression of the eyes.
  • how to keep the mouth area clean.
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Kathy Rose

A salon owner since 1983, Kathy Rose has garnered recognition in the pet industry both as an expert stylist and educator.

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