FREE EXCERPT: How to do a Cute & Easy Trim on an Older Shih Tzu (Part 1 of 2-Part Series: Trimming the Body and the Legs) - 56 minutes

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Drop coated pets are some of the most common types we see in our salons. Shih Tzus, Lhasas, Yorkies, Doodles – they are always on our appointment books. Yet for many groomers, this coat presents challenges. It’s hard to get their coats smooth, even, and attractive. Add older dog health issues to the mix and your work is really cut out for you.

In this lesson, award-winning stylist, Amy Triezenberg, is working on an older Shih Tzu. This little dog has health issues and does not like to stand up. She shows you how to do a cute trim that is quick and fast – even when the dog doesn’t want to stay on its feet. She shows you how to move the trim along quickly while making the dog comfortable for the grooming process.

Amy is a master at explaining details. We love how she communicates with fabulous clarity. She excels at telling what she is doing and why. Whether it is with trimming, handling the pet, or dealing with the customer, Amy talks you through the entire groom with ease.

In this video you will learn:

  • how to get smooth clipper work on a drop coated pet.
  • how to decide where you should spend more time and where you can take shortcuts.
  • how to work with a pet that does not have the ability to stand for long periods of time.
  • how to give an instant facelift.
  • how to balance out the headpiece.
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Amy Triezenberg

Ever since Amy Triezenberg can remember, she has always love animals and wanted to work with them.

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