Learn How to Read the AKC Book & Apply the Standard to 3 Dogs of the Same Breed with Lisa Leady

FREE EXCERPT: Learn How to Read the AKC Book & Apply the Standard to 3 Dogs of the Same Breed

Lisa Leady has been involved with showing AKC conformation dogs her entire life. In the grooming arena, she is an award winning pet stylist and contest grooming judge. In both areas of competition, the dogs are judged against the breed standard. As Lisa says, “The AKC Book is your ‘bible’ when it comes to grooming dogs correctly.” However, the breed standard does not give you step-by-step instructions on how to groom the dog!

In this lesson, Lisa reads the breed standard directly from the American Kennel Club Complete Dog Book. Once she reads a passage, she stops and shows our viewers how the standard applies to the actual dog. As she reads, she has multiple dogs on the table for demonstration. Even within a single breed, there are variances within the breed.

This is a fun, short lesson. We were fortunate to have a breeder supply us with three wonderful dogs. As a bonus, this is a breed you don’t see very often. Lisa is working with three Petit Basset Griffon Vendéens.

If you are confused when it comes to interpreting the breed standards, this is a great lesson for you. If you struggle with applying the standards to your everyday dogs, this is an excellent lesson for you.

Lisa’s assistants holding the dogs are from The Paragon School of Pet Grooming.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to read sections of the standard and apply it to a dog.
  • How to put your hands on a dog and ‘feel’ the underlying structure.
  • How pull key features from the standard and apply them to the dog.
  • Differences between coats of the same breed.
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Lisa Leady

Lisa Leady is a third generation pet stylist with 35 years of experience.

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