FREE EXCERPT: Shih Tzu Mix in a Puppy Cut - 43 minutes

Back to the basics. That’s what this lesson is all about. Every successful grooming salon does their version of this trim – a puppy cut. But what really is a puppy cut? Everyone has their own idea. Award-winning pet stylist, Lisa Leady, demonstrates hers.

Lisa’s goal is to create a nice, fluffy length that is easy for the client to maintain. The end result is an adorable little puffball. She shows you how to do this trim in a manner that is efficient and safe for the dog. She uses primarily guard combs to set the length. Once the length is set she goes back and tidies the whole thing up with shears.

This is an excellent lesson for a newer groomer looking to increase  speed while maintaining quality. Lisa walks you through many of the challenging areas many new groomers struggle with every day. She makes everything look easy – which with experience, it is.

In this video you will learn:

  • which guard works the best to leave the coat fluffy.
  • how to trim the ears for a puppy-ish look.
  • why it is important to start with the feet when it comes to trimming legs.
  • how to bring out the expression in the eyes.
  • what comb works the best to pull out the last little strays on the head.
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Lisa Leady

Lisa Leady is a third generation pet stylist with 35 years of experience.

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