Standard Poodle in a Modified Puppy Trim: Part 1

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The essence of a poodle is of elegance and style. Well-bred, and well groomed, Poodles exhibit grace and flair everywhere they go. Veronica Frosch is well known for her exquisite poodle grooming skills. She has a knack for capturing their essence. She knocks out a killer profile with ease. Her hand scissoring skills give her that velvet finish we all strive to master.

In this video lesson, Veronica shows you how to get the elegance and style on the trim she has mastered in the contest area. The Modified Show Puppy Trim. As you watch, you’ll learn a few of her key secrets. Her secrets include fabulous visual references. Plus, she gives you tips on; tools, products, and techniques to get that velvet finish.

Please Note: Just prior to filming, O’Malley tangled with a few fire ants out in his large Florida yard. We did not know he had been bit until he got fidgety on the table with his left rear foot. We did stop filming to investigate what was going on and applied a skin soothing ointment. He was fine the next morning – but it did make the grooming a bit challenging for Veronica. This dog normally stands like a rock on the grooming table!

In Part 1: Veronica blocks in the outline of the trim as she discusses what shape she aims for as the long coat is scissored off.

In this video you will learn:

  • Where to start when quickly blocking in the coat.
  • How to create a ‘giraffe’ neck.
  • What shape she uses to build the entire dog.
  • How to set the rear for maximum style and flair.
  • Tips to help you block in the shape fast – even with lots of coat.
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Veronica Frosch

Veronica’s competition career started around 1996 when she went to a local grooming show.

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